Fire pumps

Fire pumps act as the heart of an extinguishing system

The heart of an extinguishing system is typically a pump that ensures the availability of water in case of fire. Should the fire pump not work as expected or its water throughput not meet the needs of the system, the system will fail to work as intended. It is our goal to ensure that your fire pump always works as it should.

We provide high-quality fire pumps for extinguishing solutions

Diesel Power Finland Ltd. provides you with diesel and electric motor pumps for sprinkler and fire water applications. Thanks to our expansive partner network, we have access to the best equipment and components that allow us to manufacture fire pumps in a cost-effective manner and always according to valid regulations.

Although the pump itself is at the core of our competence, we are also familiar with the technology around fire pumps and we always take into account the whole system when designing. Each delivery is mapped out and designed according to the needs of our customers; we offer solutions with the right quality, price, and especially suitability for their intended use.


Markku Järvinen

Business unit manager, fire pumps

Tel. +358 10 231 5453