Generating sets and fire pumps

We offer all comprehensive solutions, products, and maintenance services related to generating sets, stand-by generators and fire pumps for our customers globally and all over Finland.

We focus on excellent quality and a first-class service experience. Our product range includes generators that can ensure a sufficient power supply in all events and circumstances.

The diesel and electric motor pumps (fire pumps) suitable for sprinkler and fire water applications can be tailored to suit the specific needs of our customers.

Our diverse comprehensive services also include the renovations and modernisations of the control systems and machinery for old stand-by generators and fire pumps.

Ensure a functional back-up power system

Our experience and expertise will always guarantee a purposeful back-up power system. We put our customers first, always asking how we may be of assistance in your particular case.

Diesel Power Finland Ltd. (Suomen Diesel Voima Osakeyhtiö) is here to make your life easier with various stand-by power and fire pump solutions. We value your company!

Please get in touch so we can choose the most suitable solution for you.

Diesel Power Finland Ltd.

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A fire pump acts as the heart of an extinguishing system, ensuring that there is enough water to put out any fire.


Stand-by power generators ensure the functionality of critical systems and the continuity of production during power failures.


Diesel generators and pumps should be regularly maintained and thoroughly inspected once per year.


We have specified operational values that guide our everyday operations. They also form a solid foundation for us, so that we may help you get the most out of your stand-by power and fire pump solutions.

Our knowledge and expertise always ensure appropriate back-up power system.

– Tuomo Hammar, CEO

› Customer orientation

The customer’s situation and needs determine what kind of solutions, products, and services we will offer them. Each customer is special – our expertise and experience will always ensure an optimal outcome.

› Integrity

We play fair always and everywhere. We only design and represent solutions and products that offer quality and purposefulness in which we believe ourselves.

› Transparency

Our operations are transparent and clear. We document each customer visit and work stage. Our customers are always in the know about how their order is progressing, what it takes to successfully complete it, and what the upcoming stages are.

› Green values

We account for green values in everything we do. We do our best to reduce the amount of waste generated by maintenance. This is possible for example by the collecting of oil samples. All waste generated during maintenance and repairs will be recycled appropriately.