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Teollisuustie 13
33330 Tampere
Diesel Power Finland Ltd.

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Teollisuustie 13
33330 Tampere

The beginning to Diesel Power Finland story was written in 2012. Five guys had a thought that things can be done better when it comes to selling and maintaining generating sets and fire pumps. They wanted to listen to and care about their customers. The aim was to build long lasting relationships with the customers. This group of five had gained lots of expertise and know-how from their previous jobs. They were confident to start their own business.

Fine is not fine

It takes courage to take a leap of faith and start your own business. The founders of Diesel Power Finland didn’t know what they were getting in to when the business started in August, 2012. Why this quintet wanted to do this? Because they truly believe in what they are doing. Over the years every single one has accumulated their own know-how and they are experts at some business field of Diesel Power Finland Ltd. They are all totally different from each other, each having their own personality and strengths. These five men complete each other, because nobody knows everything and can do all alone. They have said that it’s better to start a business with people smarter than yourself. They still share strong vision how this industry is getting forward and how the future looks. They expect a lot from each other and the people working for them. They can be critical to each other and to suppliers, because the customer only deserves the best in every circumstance. Just fine is not enough. Complaints are handled with great respect and taken care of.

Our story grows – From a small workshop to bigger circles

Our story began in a small industrial hall in Pirkkala, Finland. Office and production were all at the same space. Not so convenient. The beginning was hopeful neverthless. First clients thanked Diesel Power Finland for exactly those things they felt important. Doing what’s best for the customer, listening and solving customer’s problem have been our leading thoughts for seven years now and they shall stay that way in the future. And what happened to the little workshop? The space came crowded very fast and although expanding the same space once we moved all our business to Teollisuustie, Tampere in 2015. There we have now one whole industrial hall for production and office space across the street.

Employees are a big part of success

Diesel Power Finland Ltd. has grown fast from just five guys to employer of over 20 people and a significant operator in the industry. Diesel Power Finland continues to grow and they want to also develop their personnel and its’ know-how. The Diesel Power team is a big part of success. We put a lot of effort in seeking and finding the right doers. We also take care of the staff’s wellbeing and commitment. This is great place to be and look into the future.