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When our customer has a problem that they can’t figure out by themselves, our engineers are happy and eager to help. We want to achieve the best possible outcome. This also happened with our towable trailer generator MILTRA30. The trailer and the whole generator package were made in order to get generating sets and electricity anywhere despite tough weather or rough terrain.

Trailer generator designed from new perspective for customer’s needs and specifications

In this case the biggest challenge was customer’s vast and demanding operational environment. The aqcuired equipment should be economical and have a long and well supported working life and service reliability. The customer had special demands and the usage is under tough conditions. Long list of requirements had to be fulfilled. The policy of Diesel Power Finland Ltd. is to understand customer needs, given directions and to bring something extra on the drawing board through our own expertise and know-how. Our goal is to make product that is suitable for customer needs in whole and fulfills every detail. With MILTRA30 -project it became clear in the very beginning that the only way we could match customer’s needs was to think, design and create the trailer and the generator on top of it in a whole new way and from different angle.

We wanted to live up to the expectations and fullfill the demands. First we came up with different alternative specifications. Our engineers put themselves to the test and developed different solutions for the trailer and the generator. At early stages we also had to find suitable main components and component suppliers. The components needed to be easy to acquire and they had to have long life cycle. We also appreciate the know-how, expertise, reliability and helpfulness of the supplier. With the trailer and its chassis we decided to go with AL-KO Kober and their components. We feel that AL-KO Kober service, reliability and the quality of the parts supported our own efforts with the trailer generator.

The power of co-operation

Throughout the whole process AL-KO Kober has given us technical support. The compatibility with different components have been checked with AL-KO Kober’s agent. Diesel Power Finland’s own desing team has had significant support, because AL-KO Kober has a long experience as manufacturer and supplier. For example the ground clearance of the trailer had to be big and in co-operation with supplier’s agent we found a solution and the ground clearance is now 40cm.

Diesel Power Finland’s designer Tuomas and AL-KO Kober’s agent Marc.

Before the actual production model we manufactured a proto type. The trailer solution developed by Diesel Power Finland Ltd. is the result of careful inspection of the background information, national traffic code, directives of the European Union and the customer’s specifications. The basic model of the product has been the same from the beginning. Some components have been changed to better versions after testing and fitting. The co-operation with AL-KO Kober has worked well.

Future direction

We will continue to develop the partnership with AL-KO Kober as well as with other manufacturers in new, interesting projects. We highly appreciate the support throughout the whole life cycle of the product in MILTRA30-project and in others as well. It means spare parts, service know-how, possible updates and especially directions and guidelines of operations for extending the life cycle.

The best thing in these demanding projects is our own learning and growth. MILTRA30 -project taught us many useful things. And now we have made a trailer suitable for many different solutions, not only as a chassis for diesel generator. We can suggest, respond and commit to our customers’ projects despite how hard they can be. The projects ahead are going to require design and solutions outside the box. When it comes to standard solutions we can trust our partners’ support and continuity. We are ready to respond our customers’ needs even better in the future.

Do you feel like our trailer generator or the under carriage could be the solution for you? Be in touch, we’ll make the best product designed for your needs.

Here is MILTRA30 towed through snow, ice and rough terrain: